I HATE JML Easy Stitch Max portable electric sewing machine!!!


Last April 29, 2013, I bought a JML Easy Stitch Max portable electric sewing machine at one of the biggest shopping malls here in the Philippines  I thought it was a bargain cos I bought it for PhP 3,700.00 ($90.00) when the original price was PhP 7,000.00 ($170.00). I was so happy to have my own portable electric sewing machine but, some good things must come to an end. I attached a photo of the shirt i was practicing on. I am really disappointed. The stitches were so messy considering the fact that this unit is brand new. The one I bought on the 29th was replaced on May 8th because of the same defect. The instruction manual says that it’s not to be used on FLEXIBLE FIBERS/TERRY CLOTH. For goodness’ sake, I was trying to mend a COTTON shirt! This thing is really disappointing! A waste of good money. I won’t recommend this brand. If I had known that I would be having problems like this, I wouldn’t have bought it. I even asked the promo diser to pray that i won’t have to return this unit cos if I do, I’ll ask them to return my money & complain them to the Department of Trade & Industry. I should’ve bought Brother or Singer portable electric sewing machine. Grrr….


2 thoughts on “I HATE JML Easy Stitch Max portable electric sewing machine!!!

    • i bought the jml stitch max portable sewing machine thinking that it was good, but a couple of days later i returned it & asked for a replacement. the store where i bought it consented and again, after 2 days i returned it. the results of the stitches are in my blog site. i would recommend brother portable sewing machine, it’s costly but definitely a cinch.

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